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A brief overview of common terminology used throughout the documentation.


A collection refers to a personal set of officially licensed highlight plays that have been purchased, traded, and owned as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) by a specific user. Each collection is unique and can include plays from different sets, editions, and subeditions.

Digital Collectibles

Digital Collectibles, also known as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), are what ultimately a user will own in their wallet. In the Dapper world, these collectibles are known as “Moments” since they capture a moment from a sports game. Collectibles are derived from Editions. Editions, described below, are like a template from which each Collectible is instantiated (or “minted”).

Each Digital Collectible has a unique serial number (represented by the Edition number and a sequence of 1 - N as an example). This unique serial number guarantees the uniqueness of the collectible and the only one of that will ever exist.


A Distribution is a collection of Packs. Similar to Editions, a Distribution contains all the required metadata to create the Packs. Each Pack created from a Distribution can be purchased by users. There can be different types of distributions:

  • Live Queue Drops that happen on a certain date for a certain period of time when users are assigned a random spot in the queue for purchasing their packs.
  • RSVP Drops where users commit their payment and receive a pack preventing the need to wait in a queue.
  • Air Drops refers to a promotional strategy of sending out Digital Collectibles for free to user Wallets.


Editions are templates from which Digital Collectibles are created (ie minted). That is, you will have one Edition, but may have many Moments created from that Edition. The number of moments created define the rarity of that Edition. Editions are created from the following parameters:

  • Set: A category for the Edition (e.g. Greatest Touchdowns).
  • Series: A period for the edition that has a defined beginning and end (e.g. 2023 Season, Series 1). Series have a defined end and are closed such that they can no longer be used in Editions once completed.
  • Play: A specific play from a sports game with associated metadata. Metadata will capture any important information about the play on-chain. Other data, such as the actual media clip, will be stored off-chain.


Off-chain transactions transfer some work from a blockchain ecosystem, which can later be integrated back into a blockchain. On an off-chain network, the users agree that a third party will handle validating and authenticating transactions.


On-chain transactions refer to a transaction that is carried out on a blockchain network from start to finish. Once verified, the transaction is recorded on a blockchain network’s public ledger.


Several Digital Collectibles bundled together for sale. Packs have an opening experience before revealing the collectibles in the Pack and correspond to the idea of a “pack of cards” in the traditional trading cards sense. Once the Pack is opened, the collectibles are stored in the user’s Wallet.


A play refers to a specific moment or highlight from a game. Each play is represented by a unique digital collectible that can be bought, sold, and owned just like a physical collectible.

Plays can come in different forms, they can be a dunk, a three-pointer, a block, a steal, a game-winning shot, etc. and can be from regular season games, playoff games or even All-Star games. Each play is unique and different, the play's rarity and value can depend on several factors, such as the player's performance, the game's importance, the edition and subedition it belongs, and more.

Users can purchase plays through packs or on the marketplace and add them to their personal collection. Some users also like to combine multiple plays to create custom highlight reels.


A set refers to a collection of officially licensed highlights that are available to purchase, trade, and own as non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Sets are usually themed or based on a specific event, such as a single game or a season. Each set has a limited number of highlights available and when a set is sold out, the highlights within that set are not available for purchase anymore. It's important to note that the value of the highlights in a set can vary depending on their rarity, play, and other factors.

Additionally, there are also limited edition sets that are only available for a short period of time, these are also known as "moments packs" or "drop", they are usually more expensive and harder to get than a regular set, but they usually have some of the rarest and most valuable highlights in the game.


A subedition refers to a specific version of a highlight within a larger set or edition. Subeditions are used to create additional scarcity and exclusivity within a set or edition. An edition might have several subeditions, each with a different rarity level or a different number of copies available.

For example, a "Limited" subedition of a highlight may have only a few copies available for purchase, while a "Common" subedition may have many more copies available. Subeditions can also be used to indicate the specific type of play, like alley-oops, three-pointers or buzzer beaters, or a specific moment of a game. The idea behind subeditions is to create a layer of rarity and exclusivity within the Top shots, making certain highlights more valuable than others.


Every Set corresponds, to a specific tier. Every Edition within a Set of a given tier would be expected to have an Edition Size roughly in the same range, and would have a visual indicator associated with that tier.

Current Tiers: Common, Fandom, Rare, Legendary, and Ultimate