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Packs are several Digital Collectibles bundled together for sale. Packs have an opening experience before revealing the collectibles in the Pack and correspond to the idea of a “pack of cards” in the traditional trading cards sense. Once the Pack is opened, the collectibles are stored in the user’s Wallet.

To provide a fair and transparent way to distribute digital assets, Dapper Labs uses a service called the Pack Distribution Service.

What is the Pack Distribution Service?

The Pack Distribution Service (PDS) is a way to distribute digital assets, such as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) or packs of NFTs, on the Flow blockchain. The PDS allows developers to create and distribute packs of NFTs to users in a fair and transparent way.

Here's a general overview of how the PDS works:

  1. The developer creates a pack of NFTs and defines the pack's properties, such as the total supply and the distribution rules.

  2. The developer deploys the pack smart contract to the Flow blockchain. This smart contract will be responsible for managing the pack's properties and distribution.

  3. The developer or anyone can purchase the packs with cryptocurrencies, such as Flow tokens.

  4. Once a user purchases a pack, the PDS smart contract will randomly select an NFT from the pack and transfer it to the user's account.

  5. The PDS smart contract will keep track of the distribution of NFTs, ensuring that the pack's properties are respected, such as rarity and uniqueness.

  6. Users can view the contents of their packs, and also they can trade, sell or keep the NFTs they have obtained.

The PDS is designed to provide a fair and transparent way to distribute digital assets, ensuring that users have a fair chance to obtain rare and valuable NFTs. It also helps to keep track of the distribution of the NFTs and to maintain their rarity and uniqueness, which is important for the value of the assets.

PDS Contracts

Our Packs are split into two main contracts.


Products currently using the PDS standard

  • LaLiga Golazos
  • NFL All Day

PDS Examples