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Media Gateway

How to obtain a public URL for NFL All Day media.

The endpoint can be accessed at:${editionFlowId}/media/${mediaType}


editionFlowId is the flowId for the edition you are trying to access. The following cadence script can be used to obtain a moments editionFlowId:

import NonFungibleToken from 0xNONFUNGIBLETOKENADDRESS
import AllDay from 0xALLDAYADDRESS

pub fun main(address: Address, id: UInt64): UInt64? {
let account = getAccount(address)

let collectionRef = account.getCapability(AllDay.CollectionPublicPath)
?? panic("Could not borrow capability from public collection")

let nft = collectionRef.borrowMomentNFT(id: id)
?? panic("Couldn't borrow momentNFT")

return nft.editionID


mediaType can be selected from the following list:

Resize Params

The media gateway also supports resizing images by adding query params. You may add as many or as few as you like to suit your needs.


The videos cannot be resized.


the format of the image can be changed to suit your needs as seen in the cloudflare documentation. We recommend using webp


specifies the quality of the image, for a high quality images we recommend 90, for a lower quality image you can go with 50


the maximum width of the image


the maximum height of the image