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Media Gateway

How to obtain a public URL for a Golazos media. This document describes the on-chain and off-chain methods to obtain a public URL for a Golazos media asset, as well as how to size the media.

Access Media off-chain

Image English{playDataId}/{playDataId}__{mediaType}_2880_2880_default.png

Image Spanish{playDataId}/{playDataId}__{mediaType}_2880_2880_es.png

Video English{playDataId}/{playDataId}__capture_Animated_Video_Popout_Black_1080_1080_default.mp4

Video Spanish{playDataId}/{playDataId}__{mediaType}_1080_1080_es.mp4


To obtain the playDataId of the play, pass the playId you want to retrieve media from into the script below.

import Golazos from 0x87ca73a41bb50ad5

pub fun main(playId: UInt64): {String: String}? {

let playData = Golazos.getPlayData(id: playId)

return playData?.metadata

The playDataId will look something like the following 2301636_223255_recaA3NxyeVhBatBz. You will need to use this Id to create the media URL.

Media Types

The following media types are supported for each Golazos play.

image type: capture_Hero_Black english

image type: capture_Hero_Black spanish

image type: capture_Front_Black english

image type: capture_Front_Black spanish

image type: capture_Legal_Black english

image type: capture_Legal_Black spanish

image type: capture_Details_Black english

image type: capture_Details_Black spanish

video type: capture_Animated_Video_Popout_Black english

video type: capture_Animated_Video_Popout_Black spanish

video type: capture_Animated_Video_Idle_Black english

video type: capture_Animated_Video_Idle_Black spanish

Access Media on-chain

You can obtain an array of media supporting an NFT by executing a flow script. This script requires that you know the flow address of the owner of the NFT.

import NonFungibleToken from 0x1d7e57aa55817448
import MetadataViews from 0xMETADATAVIEWSADDRESS
import Golazos from 0x87ca73a41bb50ad5

pub fun main(ownerAddress: Address, nftId: UInt64): MetadataViews.Medias {

let nftOwner = getAccount(ownerAddress);
let collection = nftOwner
let nft = collection.borrowViewResolver(id: nftId)!
// Get the basic Medias information for this NFT
let view = nft.resolveView(Type<MetadataViews.Medias>())!
let medias = view as! MetadataViews.Medias

return medias

This script will return an array of video and still images from the passed nftId in the owner’s collection.

Resizing Media

Use the Golazos CDN media CGI to resize your media.

CGI Base URL,height=800,quality=50


In the example above, you append the play media URL at the end of the CGI base URL. You supply the width, height, and quality of the image. You can directly use the resized URL on our own apps and web sites.